VisualWP Collections Plugin

BOOST Product discovery within your WooCommerce store

Easily curate and organize your WooCommerce store into Collections of products based on a combination of conditions using product titles, categories, tags, attributes and prices.

Benefits of VisualWP Collections

Enhance Store Navigation

Redefine your store navigation around meaningful themes that help customers find products that interest them! Here are a few examples of collections that you can create with VisualWP Collections:

  • clothes for men, women, or children
  • items of a certain type, such as bags, clutches and purses
  • items of below or above a certain price
  • items in a certain size or color
  • seasonal products, such as holiday cards and decorations

Go beyond product categories!

Use more than just product categories to arrange products into groups. Use selection conditions to automatically select products matching the conditions.

With VisualWP Collections you can easily create collections based on conditions you set from the following sources:

  1. Product Title
  2. Product Category 
  3. Product Tag
  4. Product Price

Flexible Operators

Use selection operators to refine what products display in your collection. Depending on the condition source you can use 7 operators:

  1. Contains (used for Product Titles)
  2. Equal To (used for Product Titles, Categories, Tags and Prices)
  3. Not Equal To (used for Product Titles, Categories, Tags and Prices)
  4. Starts with (used for Product Titles)
  5. Ends With (used for Product Titles)
  6. Greater Than (used for Product Prices)
  7. Less Than (used for Product Prices)

Change complex default WooCommerce category URLs like:

to simpler, more SEO compatible ULRs like to:

Improved SEO and URL Aesthetics

With VisualWP Collections for WooComerce you can easily simplify complex URL structures based on categories into easy to read and shareable  URLs that are meaningful and aesthetically pleasing.

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