VisualWP Anti-Spam and Fraud Protection

Increase security and protect against bots, spammers and hackers. VisualWP Anti-Spam and Fraud Prevention helps prevent spam registrations.


VisualWP TrustShield , and anti-spam and fraud protection platform for WordPress provides robust protection against spam bots, fraudulent sign-ups, and unauthorized access attempts. Say goodbye to intrusive CAPTCHAs and tedious verification processes – our intuitive system seamlessly identifies and blocks suspicious activity in real-time and detects malicious spam users.

With VisualWP TrustShield, you can protect your website’s integrity and ensure a secure user experience for your visitors. Rest easy knowing that your online presence is fortified against spam and fraud, allowing you to focus on growing your business without the worry of cyber threats.


How do I use this plugin?

After installing the plugin, set the maximum transactions per minute and the email score threshold to mitigate against velocity attacks and spam emails.




  1. Download and save the VisualWP Anti-Spam and Fraud Prevention plugin to your hard disk.
  2. Login to your WordPress site and go to the Add Plugins page.
  3. Click Upload Plugin button to upload the zip.
  4. Click Install Now to install and activate the plugin.
  5. Go to the settings page under Settings > VisualWP Anti-Spam and Fraud Prevention
  6. Update the Max Transactions Per Minute and the Score Threshold to your preferred numbers.
  7. Click on Save Changes to save your keys to the database


  • Version – 1.3
  • Last updated – 3 months ago
  • Active installations – Fewer than 10
  • WordPress version – 5.9 or higher
  • Tested up to – 6.5.5
  • PHP version – 7.4 or higher


Contributors & Developers


  • 1.3 Bug fix
  • 1.2 Improvements to allow easier translation. Bug fixes
  • 1.1 Improvements to code. Security hardening
  • 1.0 Initial Release


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